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Glad has been built from the ground up with all aspects of a great crypto project in mind; from the purpose of the project to the limited supply of the GladCoin itself, care is being taken to make Glad a scalable, sustainable and manageable project.
GladCoin (aka GLAD) started out as a Proof of Work (POW) token, but switched to purely Proof of Stake (POS) at Block 10,000. As such, GLAD is Crypto-currency token designed to have a small supply, which will help greatly to preserve its value to users and investors. Going forward, any GLAD holder or investor will be able to Stake (mine using Proof of Stake) GLAD and earn returns simply by keeping the GladCoin wallet open and connected to the Internet.
GladCoin Proof of Stake returns are based on an annualized interest rate of 75%. Additional, users & investors can be a part of our great community and earn extra GLAD coins from special programs such as bounties and incentives, for which 25% of the current supply of GladCoin has been set aside.
The GladCoin website is not only pretty, but includes convenient user options such as GladCoin block explorer and the GladCoin Web Wallet (upon its release).
So, using GladCoin on the go is a simple as visiting and clicking on the Wallet link.



PoW end block : 10000

Block time : 64 seconds

Transaction confirmations : 2 blocks

Maturity : 10 blocks

RPC port : 26114

P2P port : 26113

Official nodes servers :

  • GladCoin wallets come with built-in seed nodes. Just download and install the wallet and you're ready to use it.
  • GladCoin Block Explorer and Web Wallet are conveniently built into the GladCoin website. >
  • Gladcoin is built on the Scrypt algorithm.
  • Gladcoin is now a pure Proof of Stake (POS) coin, with annualized interest rate of 75%.
  • Current coin supply is: 7,912,665
  • Maximum possible coin supply: 49,411,765

The community

Distribution of GladCoin to the community will be moderated by the Glad team with plans to expand in the future to include community moderators/admins.

The total share of the coin supply available to the community is known and transparent, with the community having the ability to check and keep watch on the movements of GladCoin.

The community share of GladCoin will also be used to fund rewards for community contests, which is where the magic happens. GladCoin will enable the community to work together to solve individual problems; to help improve people’s lives and to make life in general easier and better for human kind.

The expected range of the average rewards will be 0.1 – 20 GLAD/active community user, weekly.


Community contest sample

Adele wants to pay her school fees and she can't, because she doesn't have enough funds.

Jack wants to pay the school fees for Adele to help her to move forward!

Both Adele and jack proved that they did something great together and succeeded getting adele to school.

Jack received
10 Contest points
10 Help points

CP points renew weekly. Every weekend there'll be 5 winners and each will get between 50-500 GLAD [based on the help and network volume]

All other participants will get 0.1-1 GLAD [based on the help and network volume].

HP points remain with users, for every one HP user have, he'll get paid 0. 01 gladcoin/weekly.

For the above example:

Jack got 10 HP from helping Adele this week, he helped 50 other people and he got a total of 510 HP. Jack got paid 500x0. 01= 5 Gladcoins last week and he will get paid 5.1 Gladcoins this week.

So even if jack didn't help anyone the next week and didn't get any CP he'll get paid from his HP balance earned in the past.

Together, Glad and the community helps to achieve following:

1. We help make life easier for many people by helping them with their needs.

2. We build a powerful community that's able to build and increase value.

3. We do well by doing good:

- Users of GladCoin Rewards system: by helping others, participants can earn GLAD and profit from doing good things.
- Investors/Holders of GLAD: With 75% annualized Proof of Stake returns, holders of GLAD will earn rewards and help increase value of the GLAD coin itself.

Glad Marketplace: A future Vision

The future vision is one where GLAD can be used to conduct commerce within the larger community: Namely, Gladcoin users and owners can use their coins to purchase valuable, unique products, handpicked by specialists from different shopping categories. Examples of such products are: Wedding dresses, rare stones rings, unique jewelry, newborn baby items, etc…

The Glad Marketplace will be open to every GLAD owner, not only the local community members. This will enable GLAD to be a more valuable unit of currency, which can be used by people to purchase great things for the great moments of life.

Development bounties

%20 of the available supply reserved for project development.
Here's some of the development bounties :-

  • Design, Development and marketing teams salaries for a long term base.
  • Project servers costs.
  • Other development requirements.

Roadmap to the future



Initial Release

- Building the bases DONE

- Windows wallet DONE

- Linux wallet DONE

- Responsive Online wallet DONE

- Social accounts DONE

- Website design, develop and release DONE

- Mobile wallets IN PROGRESS

- Community Developement&Release IN PROGRESS

- Glad Market IN PROGRESS

- Updating website NOT YET

- Upgtade A NOT YET

- Upgrade B NOT YET



- First Airdrop DONE

- Mobile wallets IN PROGRESS

- Second Airdrop NOT YET



- Coinsmarkets DONE



- Cryptopia NOT YET

- Poloniex NOT YET

- Bittrex NOT YET

- Novaexchange NOT YET